In Bravemind we add value to organizations and follow the talent of our candidates. Meet our services of excellence.

Executive Search / Recruitment & Selection

At a time that the companies qualifications is progressively done more at a prompt pace and their value mainly depends on human capital, the decisions about people are increasingly critical. Therefore, we are proud of our ability to identify talents, which we consider to be the key to the success of all intervenients.


Our team is driven by the establishment of partnerships with the best professionals and the articulation of their own experiences and expectations with the greatest challenges of our clients.


Through a systematic research and direct candidate approach, we identify, assess and select the most suitable talents. We aim competitive advantages to be of added and widen value, to our business clients.

Coaching & Behavioural Training

We contribute to the development of individual potential, group and organization, intervening in key areas such as communication, team work, motivation, commitment and evolvement.


Starting from a thorough analysis process, we establish action plans with resource to experiential training methodologies, interactive and dynamics which allow fulfilling the defined objectives.


Our experience in Coaching tells us that self-development, mainly in terms of leadership skills, is necessarily through the increase of thinking power and assertive decision making. Therefore, we want to provide support to the biggest and best expression of our client’s talents; fomenting their self-knowledge and the desire of continuous improvement through the enquiring methodology and feedback that defines Coaching.

Development Projects & Strategy

We are partners of companies and talents, implementing action plans that contribute to the development and strategy of the organizations and its people.


We work in all human capital management processes within the organizations, supporting business growth.


We promote the synergy between competencies, organizational structure and market demands, through a planned effort in the medium and long term, to improve the ability of our customers to deal with internal and external changes.